Would you buy it? The ultimate test.

April 23, 2011

If you have a job, you’re selling something. If you make money at all, you’re still probably selling something, even if it’s simply your charming self. Now, once you’ve pinpointed exactly what you’re exchanging for money, think. Would you buy it? Furthermore, would you use it?

I build websites, and I happily use the websites I make. Actually, it’s quite difficult to stop me from making them; passion is a powerful force. I’ve previously sold coffee I love, and books that I haven’t read. Any wonder which I was better at? Whether or not your product is tangible, the question remains. If you’re not going to shell out the money your asking your customers for, why should they?

When you love what you’re making, and you’re solving your own problem, it shows. Unlike most Apple products, the default iPhone calendar app leaves much to be desired. On the recommendation of a friend, I tried out the lite version of Calvetica and within moments I was hooked. A fish on the dock, I couldn’t help but shell out for the full version and ask the app where it had been all my life. My calendar woes were over. Quick event entry and crisp interfaces were mine to enjoy.

We’ve all used products that are riddled with disfunction, pretty but it seems like nobody ever tried to use them, or just plain perplexing. Consider the next time you’re making something, if you’d want the finished product. If you’re not invested, stop. Find a way to make something you want to use, buy, and love, or just start over fresh. These are the products I want to see more of. When you make something you’re passionate about, we know, and we also go into a purchasing frenzy.